Acne Breakouts? Prevention is Key!

It never fails. When you’ve got a hot date or you have plans for a night on the town with the girls, a red-hot pimple appears. You break out the concealer or try to create a new sweeping hairdo that covers the zit blaring from your forehead, but in the end, once a pimple has staked a claim, it’s hard to get rid of it. The key to acne is to prevent it before it starts, and stylists and estheticians at your local spa can help. Check out this list of ways to prevent acne before it ruins another night out.

Get a facial
Facials aren’t just a fun and relaxing treat, they serve as a great way to exfoliate your skin. There are all kinds of facials that detoxify, rejuvenate, and revive the skin. Masks can clear the pores and keep pimples and other acne away. Talk to an esthetician about your skin type to select the best treatment.

Watch the hair products
Your hair touches your face all day and so do the products you use to style it. Chat with your hair stylist, and ask about products that are more sensitive to skin. They have access to a whole host of   products that can help; all you have to do is ask.

Spend more on a good foundation
Coating your pores with heavy makeup is an invitation for pimples to set up shop. Since it’s unlikely that women will ditch their favorite foundation, splurge a little on a foundation is that lighter and better for the skin. Most salons have a makeup artist on staff that can help you find a foundation that works with your skin tone and is easy on the skin.

Take makeup off before bed, or sooner
Once you’re back in the comforts of home, strip the makeup off your face. Again, a makeup artist can suggest a simple makeup remover that will keep your pores clean and pimples at bay. By taking that little bit of extra time and care, you can help avoid acne breakouts.


Body Mind Spirit In Action

Life is so fast paced these days, and it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Here are ten things you can do to right now to create more balance in your life.

Move yourself forward
Get outside and start moving.  It is elemental to enjoy movement in our natural world.  While your body warms up your mind can slow down and you can enjoy the beauty.  Walking meditation is the process of concentrating and refocusing the mind while moving physically.  Used consistently, it can reduce negative mental chatter; teach the body how to respond to stress and to regain your center. Movement and meditation are naturally paired for concentration and mindfulness.

Listen to your senses
Be aware of how you are feeling in your environment.  It is important to stop and assess how your body is feeling by utilizing your most basic senses.  Take a few moments throughout the day to assess whether you are hot or cold, surrounded by quiet or distractions, and become aware of how your body reacts to all of it.     

Eat mindfully
A meal is prepared and served; now it is time to express gratitude by enjoying the experience and being mindful as you eat.  While you eat be aware of the taste, textures and their affect on your body.  Take the time to put your fork down between bites and really enjoy the moment. Eating mindfully makes everything taste better and the conversation will always linger.

Find Gratitude
We all have so much to be thankful for in life but often we are moving too fast to appreciate or enjoy it.  A profound project is to keep a journal by your bed.  Take time each night before bed to list all the things you are thankful for in life.  It is a meaningfulexperience, making us aware of the bounty in our lives and offering a supply of wonderful thoughts we can take to bed each night.

Get a massage
Pick your favorite spa or massage therapist and make an appointment for a massage today.  A massage has a magical way of bringing us back in touch with ourselves.  It reconnects mind and body, reduces stress, improves health and offers a reprieve from everyday life. Consistent massage naturally tunes us directly to mind, body and spirit.  It can have a profound improvement on balance by offering consistent stress relief and giving us tools to manage daily life.

Introduce rhythm
There is a reason children thrive in environments with a consistent rhythm to each day, they know what to expect, which offers comfort and reduces stress.  The same is true for adults; we flourish when there is a flow to our day. You are the conductor – you set the beat to your life.  Establish a rhythm to your days and open the door for harmony and peace to settle in and find a generous space in your life.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
Henry David Thoreau clearly understood that things separated us from our purpose in life.  The more we can get rid of stuff and instead enjoy life’s experiences, the more we will live full, wise and meaningful lives.  Take time today, get rid of the clutter and enjoy the view that simplicity brings to life.

Practice Yoga
Yoga has the unique ability to use physical movement to center us, body, mind and spirit.  It is a method to reconnect, heal the body and achieve harmony.  It builds body awareness and serves as a tool for increased relaxation and stress reduction.  Take a step forward to balance and find a beginning yoga class today.

Let them see you sweat
Trying something new can make your palms sweat and your mouth dry but it doesn’t mean that it is bad for you.  On the contrary as long as it is safe, trying something new can act as a catapult in life.  It can move you forward, initiate transformation, taking you to a place that will bring new and unexpected experiences.

Laughing, enjoying the moment, is a prescription for a long and happy life.  It brings us to the present, injects joy, community and instant happiness into our lives.  There is no better treatment for whatever might hurt or keep you back in your day than a good, hearty belly laugh.  Hopefully, you wonªt mind the crowd.  Laughing causes people to gather spontaneously and enthusiastically for a moment or if you are lucky, even longer.

Taking actions like these will move you forward toward living a better, more balanced life.  It is easy and simple to do.

Massage and Longevity

More people in the U.S. are using massage and acupressure as a path to healing. Holistic can be a scary and mysterious word for many Westerners, however, once we break it down it is not so strange. Because it’s different, many people are uncomfortable, or shut down when they hear the word holistic. Even worse, most people think it is a lesser or inferior approach to a healthy life. Honestly, holistic medicine will never achieve the drastic results that can be achieved by procedures developed, honed and nearly perfected in the West. But the idea is to use such drastic procedures sparingly. Many people use an holistic approach to life that allows them to live long, happy, fully-engaged lives, without ever needing any nasty, bloody, intrusive and expensive procedures or drugs. Western medicine has traditionally compartmentalized the health of individuals, which means patients needs are broken into categories for treatment: psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. However, a holistic approach doesn’t segment people and seeks to heal the entire person in subtle, incremental ways that lead to greater wellness and higher levels of good energy. Massage is an easy and popular form of holistic medicine.

If you asked most Westerners, Is massage medicine? all but a few would answer No Most of us think of medicine as expensive pills, injections and inhalers. People rely on theses medications and we are happy to have them. Adding massage as a legitimate form of treatment is something that is currently taking hold in our healthcare system. Massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and their underlying philosophies are being investigated and accepted by an increasing number of Western nurses, therapists and medical doctors. Accredited programs that secure patient and consumer safety are evolving to meet the demands of people seeking greater wellness. Additionally, more health insurance companies and public programs are paying for massage therapy. What is greater wellness? Wellness does involve health, but health, so often, only addresses the immediate physical state of a person. Great wellness can be described as the flourishing of the entire person, in addition to the absence of disease. Wellness allows people to meet the demands of everyday life, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and so on. Massage improves wellness and creates a positive balance in energy levels. With higher levels of positive energy, all systems work in synergy as one system. Living organisms are supple and organic and require an open-minded path to health, not the auto mechanic mentality that prevails over the modern healthcare system. A holistic outlook doesn’t have the same mechanized approach that we’re used to in the West.

The body and mind, for example, are not seen as separate mechanisms operating next to each other. Instead, they are seen as extensions of one source of energy that fuels and powers an organism. This source of energy (in Chinese medicine, which is over 2,000 years old and still practiced, it is called Chi or i) manifests itself in varying degrees, from something as material as immune cell activity, to something as immaterial as the mind. So, some of this may sound foreign and strange. There’s really no need to overthink it. When someone feels good, the whole being is better off. Decision-making, processing life events and hand-eye coordination, can all show improvement after a massage therapy regimen. If you like getting massages, there’s good news Ò receiving regular massage, consistently, has the potential to create a cumulative effect of feeling well and feeling better. Massage is exponentially more powerful as a healthcare tool the more often it is received by a patient or client. People who get massage regularly show greater improvement in health and notice a reduction in pain and muscular tension, as well as improved posture, according to Anne Williams in her book Spa Bodywork: A Guide for Massage Therapists She says, People regularly make a commitment to fitness. People regularly make a commitment to changing their diet.

The difference they’d experience if they regularly made a commitment to massage is mind-blowing What you can expect from massage: Alleviate low-back pain and increase range of motion. Create body self-awareness. Improve muscle tone and stimulate their nerve supply. Improve elasticity of skin and promote rejuvenation. Improve sleep and calm the mind. Increase endorphin and serotonin production. Reduce edema, as well as joint inflammation. Release bad posture from previous injuries. Stimulate lymph circulation and enhance immunity. Increased body awareness is a newer element in the healthful prospects of massage. Karrie Osborn writes about this in her article Massage Multiplied: Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency On the surface, this benefit shows itself as increased flexibility, but on a deeper, neurological level a lot more is happening. According to sports massage expert Benny Vaughn, owner of Athletic Therapy Center in Fort Worth, Texas, structured touch stimulus enhances the nervous system’s sensory and spatial processing capacity. He says, The person becomes aware of their body’s movement in space and becomes more aware of tightness or pain long before it reaches a critical point of mechanical dysfunction Simply put, massage helps you dial in to yourself and the space around you.

Professional athletes and the elderly can improve their performance and health with massage. Strength, flexibility, focus, coordination and healing power will improve with massage, especially as part of an entire wellness plan that includes nutrition, physical activity, socialization, mediation and prayer. Massage can lead to faster recovery time after intense workouts, or after a stay in the hospital. Men and women experience high levels of negative stress that deteriorate their health and happiness. Stress helps motivate people  it helps them get their work done and reach their goals. But after stress breaches a threshold, that helpful positive stress turns into destructive negative stress.

You can imagine a massage therapist scrubbing and rinsing away the residual negative stress. Massage washes it away and helps people attack life with alertness, while simultaneously allowing them to live more calmly and efficiently. When the body and mind learn to operate efficiently, higher outputs of energy can be achieved without feeling drained. When the body and mind are trained to operate more efficiently it preserves energy and leads to increased longevity. Health experts are increasingly inviting people to try massage therapy once a week for a month as preventive medicine and a path to improved mood and positive attitude, keys to successful aging and meaningful longevity.

Healthy Comfort Foods

The holidays are so close that you can almost smell the pies, cookies and turkey coming out out theoven. Every year, it seems, the holiday season begins earlier. And, for many of us, that earlier arrival is a trigger to pig out from mid-November until the first few days of January. Just don’t forget: any long-term change to when and what you eat can impact your stamina as the holiday marathon rolls along.

The first thing to remember is that holidays and rituals are an important part of life. Don’t approach them with the mindset that you need to deprive yourself  with a little planning and some sound strategies, you can still enjoy Grandma’s apple pie, just as you did when you were a child.

Keep in mind that the basics of good nutrition apply all year. Don’t skip your usual healthy breakfast and sensible lunch to cut calories in anticipation of an elaborate party. You can sample the buffet, but do it with a plan. Choose lower-fat options, vegetables, and small portions of dips and rich dishes. Go for the lean meats, go light on gravies and sauces, and steer mostly clear of dips. You can have a taste or two, but don’t make the indulgences the main part of your meal. Better still: look at the buffet line as a chance to reconnect with family and friends. See it as an opportunity to sample indulgences, and load up on good memories. At the office, the assault of treats may seem unending  platters of cookies, trays of nuts, fancy cupcakes and other treats. Physically place yourself away from those indulgences  out of sight, out of mind really works! And, when you would have to encounter these treats, be prepared ahead of time, by arriving at the office after having enjoyed a good breakfast, and plenty of water!If you are preparing the feast, remember to cut back on salt and fatty meats, and substitute flavorful herbs and lean alternatives..

Turkey is a wonderful lean source of protein, that is, until you deep fry it, fill it up with buttery stuffing, and coat it with gravy. Think about offering the turkey drippings as a simple topping, and make your mashed potatoes leaner with broth and skim milk. Load up favorite recipes with vegetables when possible, and include with the appetizers a colorful and delicious platter of crunchy veggies with a low-fat dip, or hummus. A pretty plate can be just as festive as any holiday decoration!

Holiday parties almost always include alcohol. Alcohol is a source of empty calories, and it can make us want to eat more! It lowers our inhibitions, and that can create havoc at the buffet. There are two important things to remember: you can still enjoy a drink or two, but concentrate on the flavor of your favorite fire water, and also, eat a small amount of protein over the time that you are drinking. Also, some seasonal favorites are loaded with fat and sugars try for a light version of eggnog, and seek out light or sugar-free alternatives for punches and other mixed drinks.

Don’t forget that heavy meals and more-that-your-usual amount of alcohol will make you feel sluggish and not your best for the fun- and the challenges – that the holidays bring. When you approach opportunities to overeat at the holidays with a plan, and continue to keep in mind the good eating habits that carry your through the year, you can enjoy the season and not leave it with extra pounds.